Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Yellow - Colour of Spring.

" Vasant is the season when nature is at its beautiful, bountiful best. Flowers are in full bloom and trees sprout shoots.
It is a season when nature regenerates and everything is fresh and new. The cool morning air is laden with the faint smell of Mango blossoms...
Mustard fields turninto a heady mix of yellow and green as the blossoms add colour, poetry and romance to life. The goddess Saraswati is dressed in yellow garments and people wear yellow-coloured clothes."
- Anita Thakur & Nalini Rao
( Some pics depicting yellow-the Colour of Spring. Don't miss the arrangement of flowers in the glass by Mallika.)

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ALL THE BEST said...

I love the yellow flowers, sooo pretty. Thanks for sharing!