Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Bronze Sculptures of Kumbakonam.

Kumbakonam is famous for it's exquisite bronze sculptures made by the Lost Wax Technique.The history dates back to the Chola Period when these idols were cast for the purpose of worshipping in the grand temples.

Even today the Sthapathis or the Sculptors are carrying on the Lost Wax Technique for casting these sculptures. The technique involves moulding the figures with intricate details using beeswax and oil, the figure is then coated with clay and baked using dried cow dung. The wax flows out leaving an empty mould, into which molten bronze is poured. Once it cools and hardens, the finer details are added.

We were lucky enough to meet a great award winning 15th generation Sthapathi- Karunanithi Sthapathi.


Mer vimal said...

I have had this long time ago.
can you give me artist detail if you have ?
where can i found this in kumbakonam ?

thank you.

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