Saturday, September 16, 2006

Colourful Weekend.

We decided to go out for breakfast to Vidyarthi Bhavan, an old hotel which specialises in to-die-for dosas. It is situated at the heart of Gandhi Bazaar-a place filled with fresh fruits, vegetables & flowers. I just love local wholesale markets. Check out more on flickr


shoobydoo said...

Wonderful colours, thanks for sharing :)

Bread said...

I see some strings in the first picture - Are these flowers ? I am guessing.
And the baskets with chinese Red and yellow color - How does one use them.
And the leaves ? Why are they in baskets ?
The green patina on the door is to die for.

You put together all the colors such that it leaps out at you when you are on the screen. Oh India, here I come.
You guys have been hiding all these years. As somebody put it the world is still discovering India. How naive are we humans, that we seeth not when it is displayed right in front of our eyes. How many are you and yet we seeth not. How much are you that we heareth not. !!!!!