Friday, September 26, 2014


Autumnal Equinox was few days back.
Days of the Goddess.
The time of the year when,
I sit quietly in my kitchen enveloped in the comforting darkness just before dawn.
Rubbing the warm tea mug against my cold nose and getting the whiff of spices from the thin film of left over chai in my mug.
The season to pause.
Grateful for the accomplishments of the season gone by.
Time to find that balance.
To do the things that were pushed deep within the drawers.
Like the papery pressed autumn leaves from last fall that slide down the pages of a my journal.
Reminding me to slow down, cherish this beautiful season.


A nature mandala I made to celebrate the Autumnal Equinox.

Honouring the season by writing gratitude lists.
Taking longer walks than my usual routine.
Always coming back with a handful of nature's fall treasures.
Attempting to capture the season through my lens and writing.
Reading poetry at bedtime where eyes linger on certain words that follow you into your dreams.
Pulled out warm shawls with tiny mirrors to wrap myself while reading.
Cooking hearty soups with fall produce.
Watching the bright sunlight warm different comers of our home.
Prayers for others.
Lighting twinkling lamps at dusk for my Goddess.

What have you been doing to celebrate the season?

(Images by Arch and are copyrighted. Please do not use without permission)


Anonymous said...

Nice post, Arch. Fall is my favorite season. Fall for me is watching the leaves slowly turn and wither, drinking lots of ginger tea, celebrating navrathri golu with friends, going to ras garba and dandiya gatherings, planting mums, apple picking, enjoying warm cider and donuts, lighting cinnamon candles and last but not least leaving the windows open and letting that crisp air infuse the home. Beauti"fall"! Pacchai

Raka Sarkhel said...

What are these gratitude lists? Do you and your little one actually sit down to writing these? That must be a cathartic process. Once again, lovely prose.

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