Friday, November 02, 2012

White light...

White light.
The home is slowly coming together. We picked up sheer shades for the room with our kitchen table.
I love the diffused white light through it.
I sit enveloped in a quiet space.
I write. I make lists.
Savoring the few moments before I set out to translate the words into actions.

We celebrated our first Halloween.
Strangers offered warm smiles and hot cider.
I delighted in the act of giving handful of candies.

The twinkling lights are coming home soon.
Our first Diwali in a new land.


pRiyA said...

The yellow light is now replaced with white and it is equally lovely.These last few posts are a peek into the life of immigrants in a new land. It is remarkable and also heartening to note how quickly we make ourselves at home wherever we are.
Beautifully written Archana.

Arch at Rang said...

Priya~ :-)
I like your choice of the word 'immigrants':-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Deepavali from Malaysia :)