Monday, September 27, 2010

I wish you life...

"Observe the wonders as they occur around you.
Don't claim them.
Feel the artistry moving through and be silent."
~ Rumi
I discovered Rumi a few years ago and ever since my heart hasn't been the same...

yes, the artistry....

the mynas' have returned. I can hear their oh-so-uplifting chirps.
i offer them my balcony to build their nests again.

i see my aloe vera plants multiplying and i help them propagate.
the satisfying joy of trying something new~ Granola
patience is not a great word when the zinnias are just a few days away from blooming.
a haunting tune that is playing on repeat in my mind.

a jug of water with whole lemons submerged in it.

dreaming of baking artisan breads everyday. (yeah dreaming;-)

life is sublime.

i wish you all life today.


arundati said...

lovely post ... beautiful colours but then, this is rang!

Vibha said...

Enjoyed the feel and mood, beautifully brought out thro' every word of this post and the pictures are awesome as always.

pink dogwood said...

Hey Arch - love you pictures. See if you can get a hold of a book called 'Artisan breads in five minutes a day' - my coworker loves it and she bring me fresh bread every morning.

I am just a weekend baker :) I made this bread yesterday with tomtato soup - try it - it is easy :

Arch at Rang said...

Arundati~ Thanks:-)

Vibha~ Thank you:-)

Bhavana~ Thanks:-) How are you?
Thank you for the recipe...will definitely check it out:-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Archana!

Lovely lovely lovely!
Especially the second from last photo.


Shalini said...

Love seeing your daily shots around the house.

Haha, and I was meant to make artisan bread tonight, since our weekend starts tomorrow....and I completely forgot about it!

Meera said...

Hi Archana
I love your blog.recently I was in Kutch and I saw Frangipani and It reminded me of your blog..always fresh and I can actually close eyes and imagine every picture.
WIll mail you the picture....
Very inspiring....

Preethi said...

I love the aloe vera planted in a colorful coffee mug. But how do you manage to grow them in mugs? I understand the pots need to have a water outlet. I tried a similar arrangement in a traditional brass 'padi'. I couldn't succeed. :(

Arch at Rang said...

Hey Preethi~
The one growing in the tea mug is doing so because it's cracked;-)) The cracks gives it a water outlet:-)