Friday, October 12, 2007

The month of October...

This leaf, so complete in itself,
Is only part of a tree.

And this tree, so complete in itself.
Is only part of the mountain.
And the mountain runs down to the sea.
And the sea, so complete in itself,
Rests like a raindrop
On the hand of God.~ Ruskin Bond (Book of Verse)

Autumn? Fall? What does this season bring with it in an Indian context?

I love seeing this beautiful season of warm colours and dry leaves captured through the eyes of many a photographers, poets and simple people like me from around the world.
Autumn in Bangalore- I sharpend my senses and set out with my daughter into the season.

* I smell the change in season.
* The trees are still green but there are subtle changes, the tulip trees are flaming in orange.
* Dry leaves fom trees fall silently on the ground.
* The comforting smell of burning dry leaves.
* Prayer calls from the mosque during 'Ramzan'
* Excited voices of children playing cricket on the streets.
* Dusshera holidays.
* Beginning of various festivals.
* My heart fills with festive happiness.
* Twinkling lights appear on earth lining the roads and shops.
* Nip in the air and the sunlight brightening up various corners of my home.
* A craving for giant sugary doughnut and strong filter coffee.
It's also a month of contemplation, a month where I turn a year younger...
Like Maddie says Autumn is a time of birth, of renewal.

* A time to rethink, the things I love.
* Have been wondering can a person be and do many different things?
* Inspiration comes in various forms.
* Learning is a constant thing and I plan to learn, more.
* Listen to my senses more.
* Read more.
* Feel more
* Share more.
* Love more.
* Do more.
Enjoy the season, dear friends...


Liz said...

Happy Autumn, Happy New Year, and I am noting some of the things on your season of renewal list, to remember for myself. Beautiful Fall Photos... I love seeing the leaf shapes and the later season flowers from far away India...

zobars said...

Does this mean your birthday is in October ??? If it is then I would like to wish you a happy healthy birthday. Love all those leaves. Reminds me of being in India. Maybe we will meet someday and our kids will be friends.. I do have high hopes

Arch at Rang said...

liz- Thanks:-) Hope you are enjoying your Autumn:-)
Thanks for dropping by:-)

zobars- Yes:-) Thanks for being such a lovely blogging friend:-)

Sure, someday...:-))

ailin said...

Very beautiful and inspiring post! thanks alot :) and happy autumn to you!

zobars said...

Hey we have something in common if your birthday is in October !!!!

vineeta said...

I loved this post. Here's wishing you a great year, filled with all the clarity, growth & action you want. My closest friends have been Librans & this is what I know about them:
They are natural aestheticians (I'm bad with my spellings- but u get the drift :)
Their thinking is extremely clear & In my experience they have no problem with decisiveness. Fair. objective. polite & can amazingly straddle diverse situations & people. But what i admire the most about them is their unfailing equanimity in the face of what ruffles most people.
Have a ROCKING year!

Arch at Rang said...

Thanks Zobars & Vineeta-

My birthday falls towards the end of October and that makes me a Scorpio;-)

But thanks for the character traits of Librans...I have a little libran at home:-)
Thanks once again:-)


LADY LUXIE said...

HAppy Birthday!!!

I love the leaves...brings back memories of childhood for me.

designflute said...

I wish you endless years of turning younger!
Lo...ved this post!
And shamelessly copied 'orange daisy' to put on my desktop!!

Viva said...

Such a lovely post and pics...thanks!
I too am a Scorpio...wonder what creative traits we are supposed to have?

Maddie said...

I love love love
twinkling lights - and your
vivid fall-saturated photos:)

all*over*print said...

biutiful post
pictures and words ....