Monday, November 13, 2006

A&C #1. The Stone Idols of Mahabalipuram.

Mahabalipuram, the rock-carved port or the temple town of Tamilnadu is also a hub for stone-carvings and idols.

The sculptors or sthapathis as they are known in India, have been carrying on this rich tradition of carving from their forefathers where they use Vaastu Shastra as well as mathematical precison for the execution of such exquisite sculptures.

Here you'll find idols in various sizes and shapes, some specially made for temples, some custom-made for hotels and smaller ones for homes & gardens.

Idols of Hindu Gods & Goddesses such as Ganesha, Gaja-Lakshmi, Shiva, Nandi are common. The sculptors here can make some amazing bird-baths with interesting stone lizards, frogs and ducks to go with it.

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