Saturday, July 29, 2006


On his recent visit to Kolkata, Srinivas came back with loads of nostalgia & bags of delicious goodies from Flurys - The oldest confectionary in Kolkata. Yum! Alsatian Pastry.

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Alex said...

I talked about flurys to my indian friend from Calcutta. He said, " I have been going to the college nextdoor for two years but could never buy anything from there. According to him only the rich snobs buy there and it is way beyond a poor man's pocket". He went on to philosophise the days of his poverty stricken youth, pouring over his books and looking at the rich go by with money laden goods. If I guess right He went on to study at IIT and heads one of the financial groups at Wall Street. He says it is sad that today he does not have the time to spend leisurely in a city that is still close to his heart ( even after spending 13 years in New York) He also further added the street food - sweeet or savory is better than the La adventurous chefs who twist the receipes in the pretext of being fusion cooking or east west mix.