Thursday, November 23, 2006

Day Trip to Seebi.

Last Sunday, despite the threatening dark clouds we hit the road to Tumkur. Tumkur is largely an industrial district of Karnataka with few very interesting sites. Our destination - Seebi/Sibi on the national highway to Tumkur.

According to the history books the Narasimha Swami Temple was built by the sons of Kacheri Krishnappa who was the dewan in the court of Mysore. The temple architecture is simple but what I really liked was the white-washed walls with amazing sculptures of various Gods & Goddesses made of terracotta & lime. Though weather-beaten but very beautiful.

The temple also has lovely paintings on the ceilings painted with vegetable colours. The temple is visited by very few people, possibly by locals or by devotees whose family deity is Narasimha Swami. Infact, I really liked the fact that it was very quiet with an occasional laughter from the children running around the courtyard.

There is a Parijat tree in the courtyard under which lay a blanket of delicate & fragrant flowers.
While my husband and I were clicking around the temple like war-photographers, Mallika had a blast running around the place and screeching when she saw monkeys playing peek-a-boo with her. ( Yes, loads of them around!!!)

Outside the temple, there is a square pond with steps leading down to the water, where the villagers were washing clothes. I just loved the whole village atmosphere, so serene, so calming. We had to drag ourselves back to the car.

Well, you must have guessed what a great time we had by the length of the post. Enjoy the pictures!


Anonymous said...


This was a pleasent surprise when I found the link to Seebi Narasimha swamy temple... Actually this is our family deity and its been a long time since I had been there...This saturday we all are going there so just wondering if I can find any info, so went to google and got this ...

Felt good about it...will try to add more info after my return.



Bharath P.M said...

It was nice reading this write-up about seebi. I would love to visit this place once..sadly i have no vehicle of my own..can you provide me
with the info for reaching there with public transport.


Ajay Salanky said...

can you share driving directions from Bangalore.

thank you

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