Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Touched by kindness...

* I sip my lemon tea, feel the hot liquid warm my body as well as my spirits.
* Contemplative is my mind, you ask me how can tea warm my spirits?

* The tea was incidentaI it was a soul's act of kindness that has given such a beautiful start to my Tuesday morning.
* A little girl waits for a school bus every morning. An elderly sweet lady waits for the little girl every morning.
* To give a bunch of freshly picked flowers from her garden. To speak a few words of kindness.
* The little girl is excited to get lovely flowers and tell the sweet lady about her school.
* What a delicate, un-named relationship they share.

* A thread of kindness & innocence binds them together.
* The little girl being my Mallika, the elderly lady our sweet neighbour & the fresh yellow hibiscus is from her garden:-)
* Touched by this act I thanked her for the flowers and as I turned to leave, she said,"My daughter too was like her...when she was little." reminiscing her daughter's childhood.
* I had a lump in my throat and quickly walked away hiding a teardrop.
* As I placed the flowers in water I realised how beautiful life is and how people touch our lives in different ways.

Friday, October 12, 2007

The month of October...

This leaf, so complete in itself,
Is only part of a tree.

And this tree, so complete in itself.
Is only part of the mountain.
And the mountain runs down to the sea.
And the sea, so complete in itself,
Rests like a raindrop
On the hand of God.~ Ruskin Bond (Book of Verse)

Autumn? Fall? What does this season bring with it in an Indian context?

I love seeing this beautiful season of warm colours and dry leaves captured through the eyes of many a photographers, poets and simple people like me from around the world.
Autumn in Bangalore- I sharpend my senses and set out with my daughter into the season.

* I smell the change in season.
* The trees are still green but there are subtle changes, the tulip trees are flaming in orange.
* Dry leaves fom trees fall silently on the ground.
* The comforting smell of burning dry leaves.
* Prayer calls from the mosque during 'Ramzan'
* Excited voices of children playing cricket on the streets.
* Dusshera holidays.
* Beginning of various festivals.
* My heart fills with festive happiness.
* Twinkling lights appear on earth lining the roads and shops.
* Nip in the air and the sunlight brightening up various corners of my home.
* A craving for giant sugary doughnut and strong filter coffee.
It's also a month of contemplation, a month where I turn a year younger...
Like Maddie says Autumn is a time of birth, of renewal.

* A time to rethink, the things I love.
* Have been wondering can a person be and do many different things?
* Inspiration comes in various forms.
* Learning is a constant thing and I plan to learn, more.
* Listen to my senses more.
* Read more.
* Feel more
* Share more.
* Love more.
* Do more.
Enjoy the season, dear friends...

Thursday, October 04, 2007

A place that nature calls home...

* Cauvery river gushing down the rocks and forming white foams.
* Mallika's excited laughter as she swings by on a long swing on the tamarind tree.
* I look at the textures on the wooden steps leading to our log hut.
* Blue..yes Cobalt blue was the sky and blue was the water too.
* Sunlight making the Mulberry leaves glow.
* Faint screams of the 'White Water Rafting' team through the roar of the river.

* Fluffy candy floss clouds fill the sky while I settle into the hammock with a book.
* I see colourful kites in the sky...Kites?? Gosh! I must have dozed off while reading 'The Kite Runner'
* I always have flashes of scenes from the books I read even many days after finishing. ( Does anyone else have a similar experience?)
* Little fish nibble at our toes when we dip our feet in the cool water of the river.
* A trek up the hill leaves me panting and my hands smelling of lemon grass.( well the hill was filled with them:-)
* My head feels giddy after the coracle ride downstream.
* A feeling of calm surrounds all of us sitting along the shore, when the sun sets painting all of us in a beautiful shade of orange.
* The logs of wood crackle under the flames of the bonfire while the stars appear silently into the night sky.
* My husband sighs, Mallika whines and I refuse to leave this place that nature calls home.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Sunset at Cauvery Fishing Camp, Bheemeshwari.

Have loads to share with you all...
Wait for me while I drag my thoughts back from our very relaxing and close to nature trip.

Meanwhile do check out my Flickr for uploads from the trip:-)