Friday, April 26, 2013


I seemed to have left this space at the beginning of the winters. Here I am four months later in Spring with an interesting landscape outside my window. A fierce battle between Winter and Spring is on.

Welcome to Minnesota!

We have adapted to our life here.
To the snowing, the shovelling, the skidding, the freezing rain, the ice-skating, the sledding, the severe weather sirens, jumpstarting a car and many many things of living in the American midwest.

Few frames from what the winter has been for us.

We continue to indulge in our passion. Travel.

We travelled to Atlanta and Florida in December and just returned from a happy trip to Sunny San Francisco.

I recently styled & shot a series for a very talented potter.

I have enrolled in a class, that I have always wanted to take.

I have developed a deep liking for flea markets and thrift stores. Amazed at the treasures that one can unearth.

I am working on a personal project that has been on the back burner for the longest time.

We have mostly gone organic and local.

A photographic project of posting one photo a day for 365 days. I have been shooting but I need to get back to posting them.

I know the Minnesotan birds by their first names, and have names for our backyard bunnies, squirrels, deer and the two ducks that visit us occasionally.

The branches waiting to burst open....

I look forward to Spring, which is just round the corner.
...but then.
I am the eternal optimist:-)

( Images by Arch)