Monday, January 21, 2008

City of Djinns...

I just happened to borrow City of Djinns- A year in Delhi by William Dalrymple from one of our friends. The book is about old Delhi and I, having lived in Delhi for a large part of my growing years was very curious to read this book...
As I flipped through the pages, the motifs & illustrations caught my fancy and here I am sharing it with you all...
The illustrations are by Olivia Fraser.Do give it a read or flip through the pages in a bookstore;-)

Friday, January 18, 2008

In appreciation of everyday life...

* the shriek of the alarm clock
* packing of lunch boxes
* chai refuelling my system
* the never ending list of 'to-do's
* traffic get's denser, the waits at signals get longer
* rude autorickshaw drivers

the many facet's of daily life...but there are those moments in between when

* you see the season in transition
* the mango trees sprouting blossoms
* raintree rains dry leaves as you walk under it
* the orange ripe fruiti-ness peeps from behind the 'cape' of the cape gooseberries
* plans are made for 'nutmeg doughnut muffins' for a friday baking
* inspiration comes from 'Tuesday's with Morrie'
* that january sunlight comes streaming in through the windows

To cherish all these moments, I decided to post a photo a day for 366 days from my everyday life.
Hope you'll join me in this journey:-)

inspiring photos on flickr

I haven't forgotten:-) I still have another post from my winter break, so do visit me again:-))

“Life forms illogical patterns. It is haphazard and full of beauties which I try to catch as they fly by, for who knows whether any of them will ever return?”
~Margot Fonteyn
Have a great weekend friends!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Kolams, Kutcheris & Kaapi*

* I step out of the train, my nostrils are welcomed with the familiar humidity.
* The healthy, sweaty, hot & humid weather. Yes, it is December in Chennai.
* Fragrance of Jasmine flowers isn't the same anywhere else.
* Early morning walks on the cool sands of the beach.
* The symphony played by the aromas of various brands of filter coffee emanating from the kitchen windows of hardcore 'Kaapi' drinkers.
* Mammoth hoardings of the southern superstars compete with beautiful 'kohl' eyed models in traditional Kanchipuram silk sarees.

* 'Margazhi Mahotsavam'- a series of Carnatic Music concerts by vocalists & instrumentalists during the month of December grips the city.
* Mami's in their silk sarees can be seen rushing to various concerts in the evening.
* Large 'Kolams' ( Rangolis) adorn the entrances of homes.
* A trip to Chennai isn't complete without tiffin at 'Saravana Bhavan' & savouries/papads from 'Ambika Appalam'
* Relaxing with family, solving 'The Hindu' newspaper crossword, hogging on homemade 'Murukkus' & having freshly brewed filter- coffee is a great way to unwind:-)Here are some images of Chennai seen through my eyes:-)Larger than life hoardings of Silk Sarees
The various popular coffee brands displayed.Saravana Bhavan for a quick bite:-) Crunchy MurukkusA great place to pick up papads, pickles, sambar, chutney powders etc

* Translated Rangolis, Carnatic Recitals & Coffee

Friday, January 04, 2008

Wishing all a fabulous New Year 2008!

Hope you all had a blast:-)) I surely did!

This always happens to me after a beautiful vacation...getting back into the daily routine. So please bear with me while I gather all my magical memories that are floating away like bubbles in my mind and share it with you in a more comprehensive form:-)

I spent a good amount of time doing absolutely nothing at home, then I was on a train to the land of temples, filter coffee, silk sarees & Kacheris (Carnatic Vocal Recitals) and then again a magical journey to the hills, cabbage picking in a farm, drinking loads of nilgiris tea, warming ourselves infront of real fireplaces, devouring homemade Ooty chotolates & chugging up the hills on a toy train....

Do come back soon have loads to share with all of you:-)